Why should we care?


There are people out there who may be wondering why I am writing this blog.  They may wonder why they should care about what Brian is going through right now.  So many people out there are separated from loved ones and are facing their own battles.  Why should Brian’s matter?

You are right.  It shouldn’t.

Brian is my child and my blessing.  Since being diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, it has been my responsibility to learn more about it.  It is my job to record everything he eats, drinks, and feels during a twenty-four hour period.  It is my responsibility to know my child.

Which is exactly why I write this.

From the very beginning, I have had to fight for answers.  I knew something was wrong from the first time he threw up after eating.  I knew long before a hive ever showed on his body.  It goes back to me knowing my child.

When doctors brushed it off as minor allergies and told me he would grow out of it, I could tell there was more wrong and I fought for more tests, to see different specialists.  I didn’t want to be appeased; I wanted someone to care enough to find the truth.

During the past two years, I have been fortunate enough to work with a couple doctors who fought alongside me, but that wasn’t the case with most of the specialists.

I write this blog so that others will take a second look at the issues their children may be facing, whether with food, outside elements, medications, or something else, and this can be said for adults, as well.  Doctors are not always right the first time.  Do not let anyone question that little voice inside of you.  Fight for answers, fight for information, and above all else, do not be afraid to do whatever it takes to find the best treatment available.  You know yourself; you know your children.  No one out there will know better.  Be their advocate, but also important, be an advocate for yourself.

The naysayers and doubters do not matter.  All that matters is giving my child the best chance possible.

There is another reason you should care, because I care.  I would move heaven and earth for my friends and family.  I want to share our journey with others, because I know you care about us.  This has to be true, because total strangers have shown how much they care.

Since arriving on the East coast, I have shared Brian’s story through this blog and with various people I have met.  Complete strangers have offered me kind words, their own similar stories, and asked to pray for Brian and me.  Just today, I met the kindest gentleman, while grabbing a bite to eat.  He played with Brian and he offered an ear to listen.  When I went to pay, he refused and told me to pay it forward.

It may seem silly, but I hope this blog in some small way is paying it forward.

I hope the mother reading this who has a son or daughter who has difficulty breathing, breaks out in hives, or has other weird symptoms after eating certain foods may look into EoE, and search for more answers.

Please do not misunderstand, though.  In no way am I saying everyone with a food allergy has EoE.  Rather, I hope all angles are examined so every child, and adult, can live a happy, healthy life.  EoE is a relatively new diagnosis and my experience has shown that not many doctors know much about it, or consider it to be a possibility.

I believe all who read these words are my silent army.  From across the globe I can feel you standing with me as I fight for Brian.  With all of you beside me, I am strong.

That is why you should care.



3 thoughts on “Why should we care?

  1. I don’t go on Facebook much anymore but wasn’t able to sleep tonight and decided to get on it. I am so sorry to hear about your son and I truly hope he is able to get the help he needs and you are both able to return home soon. My son, James, has suffered from severe constipation since he was 6 months old, when I say severe I mean his poor little bottom bleeds and I have to help him get it out at times, it’s awful! The things that come out of my poor baby would hurt a grown man. He’s been to multiple GI doctors who all tell me it’s normal, it’s his age and it’s so frustrating because everything they tell me to do for it is just a temporary fix and eventually it stops working and we are back to square one. It may be normal but I don’t feel it should be…I know it isn’t the same thing but thank you for writing this, it’s made me want to push more and ask more questions from different doctors. Hearing my child in pain and not being able to stop it makes me feel so helpless.


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