A Family Reunited

2015-08-12 07.51.28

Thanks to the help of so many friends and family, after 8 1/2 long weeks our family was brought together for five glorious days!  The help and financial support has been so overwhelming that the words in a blog will never be thanks enough.  It is appropriate that we are in the city of brotherly love as my brothers from Alpha Kappa Lambda, the FOP, PLEA and the department have stepped up in their support.

Recently, I was diagnosed with a new condition.  As many of you know, I have severe allergies related to my EoE and I am always clearing my throat, sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose.  So, I was explaining to Erin my strange symptoms…I had watery eyes, a runny nose, but no cough.  Also, my stomach felt “strange.”  Erin was able to explain to me that it was “emotion” and the diagnosis was “gratitude.”  So I am apparently not dead inside!  In all seriousness, while I have experienced tears of sorrow, I have also experienced many more tears of joy of late.

2015-08-16 01.24.55

I am not on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tinder, Farmers Only, or any form of social media.  In fact, I have taken procedures in the past to remove much of my information from the interweb.  In this instance though, I felt some explanation, or opening up was appropriate, especially for those who have’t seen us in a few years or don’t event know us.  I do this so you feel comfortable in your financial support for our situation.

So, I want everyone to know that we live a humble existence.  Yes, in the past, mainly when I was single, I owned a restored 65 Mustang and a couple of motorcycles.  Those items are long sold to support our family and I have no regrets about it.  We live in a home built in 1978 that has never been renovated.  Erin drives a 2001 Expedition and I drive a 1995 Bronco.  I perform as many repairs on the home and vehicles as my knowledge and tools allow (thank goodness for youtube and Uncle Lanny!).  I paid off my student loans six years early, and our debt consists of a mortgage, Catholic school tuition, and credit card bills related to mostly medical expenses.  We are a single income family and will have to be until Erin can home school Brian to an age that he can protect himself from dangerous foods and join his sister at St. Simon and Jude.

2015-08-16 01.27.06

I say this to let you feel satisfied in your generous donations.  I do not say this to complain because we are very, very happy.  We are keeping our troubles in check and remember there are many people and families in tougher situations than ours. We are reminded of that first hand as there are many families in our hotel that have children being treated at CHOP.  So many of you have stepped up for our family and we feel so lucky and blessed.

As I write this, I am feeling “emotional” and it feels good.  I believe that Erin and our wonderful kids have brought such good fortune to us as I feel I do not deserve the outpouring of affection bestowed upon us.  Thank you to all and believe me, we will be paying forward the good deeds paid to us!


2015-08-16 01.39.50

One thought on “A Family Reunited

  1. It’s so wonderful to hear your comments, Matt!
    I love you guys and I’m so glad you got robe together! Keeping all of you in our prayers🙏


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