Well, it has been a while since I wrote a blog page and I am happy to report that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  It looks as though Erin and Brian will return to us by Thanksgiving!  I know every year we give thanks for something on that day and we mean it, but this time it will be different.

This year, we can give thanks that our family is reunited.  We will give thanks to so many family, friends, new friends, and strangers who have helped us along the way.  No longer will we need color coded calendars to figure out where Addi will be staying on a weekly or sometimes nightly basis.  No longer will we miss each other so much and depend on FaceTime.  No longer will it hurt the second after our short visits.  No longer will Erin and Brian have to sleep in another bed.  No longer will Erin have to walk to a shady liquor store for wine.  Pennsylvania, why can’t you just put it in the grocery stores like other states?

I know there are many more children out there that are more ill than Brian.  So I will be thankful that Brian has a life long disorder that can be managed, thankful for good health insurance and Linda our Cigna rep, thankful for fraternity brothers, thankful for brothers in blue, PLEA, FOP, and thankful for so many that have shown concern and asked how we are doing.  I am thankful to all of you around the world reading our blog.  Lastly, I am thankful for the best wife and kids a guy could have.  My life is better because of them, and I would not trade this situation for the world.  Responding to difficulty is part of life and I believe that we are not victims of circumstance, we are just a family living our lives to the best of our abilities.  It also made me realize that choke, choke, I under appreciated what my wife did here at home for a long time.  I feel I am going to regret putting that on the interweb for all perpetuity as I will be reminded of that, I don’t know, daily.  (Love you, Cutie.)


We are going to stick out the last two months (of the 5 1/2 total) without a visit as it is a lot of travel time and a short weekend.  Addi and Brian have a great time, but it is definitely tough on Erin to see us get on a plane early Monday morning after we had just arrived the Friday night prior.  She said it was too much of an emotional roller coaster, and I agreed.  Addi was a great travel companion, though.  There was always plenty to talk about, she was well behaved, and everyone loves having a 45lb kid in the middle seat.

Halloween is approaching, so that means I am going trick or treating.  Most of the years I have had to work, but sometimes I handed out candy with friends and ate chili while Erin took the kids.  I have a costume (Charlie Brown) and Addi will be Alice in Wonderland.  Erin will trick or treat in Philly or New Jersey and Brian will be a minion.  I suppose they could try to trick or treat at the Homewood Suites, since Brian can’t eat anything normally given out.  He could make a great haul on tiny soaps, shampoos, coffee filters, and shower curtain rings (where is Del Griffith when you need him?).


I do, however, have one last request.  Please place a teal blue painted pumpkin outside of your home if you accept trick or treaters. Have available some small, cheap toys or pencils, etc. to give out for those kids like Brian who cannot eat chocolate, milk products, red dye, grain, or even fruit.


Again, thank you for the support we have received.  We will do our best to live our lives in an appreciative manner just so we can feel as though we deserve a tenth of the love and support received.



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