A Little Prayer Goes a Long Way


I apologize for the delay in posting another update.

Brian came down with a virus, which resulted in high fevers and blood in his vomit.

A visit to the emergency room at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia also showed low blood glucose levels, which may indicate another issue.

Long story short, we are spending our days and nights in the capable hands of the doctors and nurses at CHOP, and we have a new specialty, the endocrine department, weighing in on Brian’s health and well-being.


The first couple days were rough and involved little sleep, but the fever seems to be at bay, and Brian has enough energy today to fight the nurses and doctors when they come in to examine him.

Once it is clear Brian is on the mend, the endocrinologist will start a food fast to determine the cause for his blood sugar dropping.

As it stands, we may be in the hospital till possibly Tuesday or Wednesday.


Please say a prayer for my tiny human.  He is a fighter and melts my heart when he lets a smile peek through during this tough time.  It is surreal to sit by his bedside and watch monitors again.  Even with his issues, we have managed to avoid hospitalization since he was in the NICU.

I have been fighting for my little boy since before he was born – I fought Matt when he was hesitant to have a second child with my medical issues, I fought the doctors when they wanted to deliver him at 33 weeks, I fought for him in the NICU when they called him a “wimpy white boy,”  I fought for the best possible care for him when his food issues began, and I am fighting for him now.  With every breath I take, he is my priority and I am not about to stop now.



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