This little guy above, “Friend,” has been with Brian through everything. All nine endoscopies, five colonoscopies, a tube placement, half a dozen hospital stays and innumerable doctor appointments. Besides Matt and I, Friend is his constant and today is no different.

As I kissed my sweet boy and watched as they took him back, Friend was right by his side. He goes where I cannot and, as silly as it sounds, keeps my baby safe.

Last night was rough, but Friend stayed close by. Brian’s oxygen levels dropped and he had to be put on oxygen. Even with the constant flow of oxygen through his nose, his levels bounced up and down throughout the night, setting off the alarms.

Since nothing ever seems to be easy, the virus Brian has doubled his discomfort and blood work showed the muscles in his legs were breaking down (explains why he cannot stand or walk) and the solution is to flush the toxins out. I always thought Brian peed a lot during the night because of his feedings, but this hit a whole new level. Thankfully, unlike many times at home, Friend stayed close by his head and was not caught up in the overflow throughout the night.

Now I sit and wait for the doctor to re-emerge. I really like him and I’m grateful someone finally listened. He has an idea of the problem and a solution, but only time will tell if he is right.

Waiting is lonely and hard. No matter how many times I go through this or who is sitting beside me, I cannot stop the tears from flowing.

Maybe I need a “Friend” of my own.


4 thoughts on “Friend

  1. YOU are blessed with many friends. We may not be there beside you. But we sure are praying for strength, guidance and that someone finds the issues with your son.


    • Thank you, Beth, and I believe that with my whole heart. I’m thinking of getting my own stuffed friend to get me through. 😉🐻. I’m so grateful to all of my friends near and far and my prayer warriors.


      • Erin – I don’t know if you remember, but I brought Brian Friend when you were in the hospital with him. It feels like it was meant to be. Prayers to all of you! Love you! Kim


      • Kim – I do remember that and was planning on mentioning it in the blog but realize now I forgot. You are such a special person in our lives that it makes sense you would give Brian something that would bring him so much comfort for years.


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